Online multiple poker - a multi millions cash machine

Online poker is one of the biggest successes of the industry. No doubt about it. In the US, Online poker revenues have grown from $82.7 million in 2001 to $2.4 billion last year; in 2005, more than $60 billion was gambled on poker sites; and every day, 1.8 million players press the "Deal" button to draw cards in poker games played over the Internet. 80,000 players log on to at any one time to experience the adrenalin of the game.

With these kinds of numbers, many potential investors want to experience the adrenalin of entering the industry, of launching their own gambling site with online poker as the driving force. But where does this force come from? The answer is quite simple. The truth is players like players not computers; they like the feeling of being part of a community.

The successful poker sites fulfill this desire because they allow the player to test their ability and luck against the ability and luck of other players. That is why an online poker site that is fun, exciting and friendly is a multi millions cash machine.

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Slot machines mania

What is the most common image that you can think of when it comes to gambling?
Yes, slot machines. They are highly popular and loved by people that gamble. Everybody has tried at least ten times consecutively to pull the handle or press the button of such a delightful machine.

The online slot machines at online casinos are in all probability the easiest way for most people to play slot machines. It only involves clicking the mouse, in the comfort of your favorite sofa or chair. There is an entire mania when it comes to slot machines. But what makes these colorful and flashing machines so "addictive"? Why are avid slot players who routinely play this game?

Firstly, slot machines began as a way of keeping wives entertained while high rollers hit the table. However, things were going to amaze the casino owners. This game actually brought much more profit per day than all the other games. Nowadays, slot machines are the casino's big hit, bringing up to 2/3's of a casino's income.

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