The ROI Mystery: Land Based Casino vs. Online Casino

Author: Ronan Wilson
One of the passions investors have had and will always have is to have their own casino.
From the first gambling houses located in the Far East to the nowadays fancy casinos located in Las Vegas, the capital of casinos, betting has been extremely popular ever since ancient times.

Investors keep dreaming about owning a casino ever since the early days of the industry.
Nevertheless, having their own casino is, for most of them, more than an asset in their portfolio, due to the priceless image attained by having this kind of successful business.
It was only a matter of time for one of the world's oldest and richest ways of entertainment to find its way on the Internet.

The fact that casinos represent a profitable business is not new. However, investment specialists prove that there are serious differences when it comes to the profit gained from a land based casino and that of an online casino.

Although the online casino market is still changing, due to the fact that some countries regulate and encourage it while others outlaw it, this is an industry moving at a fast pace.
The following review compares business factors for both types of casinos - online casino and land based casinos - in order to conclude which one is a better opportunity and which one records a better ROI. As in the case of any business plan, we will analyze and compare all the factors: revenues, startup costs, monthly costs, marketing costs and, of course, incomes.

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