What is really happening in the online gambling industry?

A highly successful industry and its biggest market are now in a state of confusion as a result of a law which was passed very recently by the U.S. Congress. "The Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act" prohibits all online gambling financial transaction processing in the U.S. market. However a few gambling games apparently remain legal including horse racing and arcade games (fantasy sport).

Many people from the Internet gambling world predict that following the Congress ban, there will be a regulation of gambling on the Web. The idea is to turn online gambling into a mainstream business built on the model of the extremely successful casino firms. While some of the Operators will have to wait and see (most of the public companies do so, like 888.com, Partypoker etc) the others will probably continue there business as usual until the legal framework will stabilize.

A question remains: Is this ban on online gambling affecting the gamblers themselves?
For now the act has made very angry most of the gamblers who argue that this measure is an evasion of privacy and that it is in conflict with basic freedom rights.

Gamblers expect this law to be a step towards a legislation that will protect everyone involved in the industry: the gamblers, the sites, the payment companies and the general public. In USA more than 30 millions people gamble each and every month. Most industry experts predict that most of these people will find a way to continue gambling.

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