Online multiple poker - a multi millions cash machine

Online poker is one of the biggest successes of the industry. No doubt about it. In the US, Online poker revenues have grown from $82.7 million in 2001 to $2.4 billion last year; in 2005, more than $60 billion was gambled on poker sites; and every day, 1.8 million players press the "Deal" button to draw cards in poker games played over the Internet. 80,000 players log on to at any one time to experience the adrenalin of the game.

With these kinds of numbers, many potential investors want to experience the adrenalin of entering the industry, of launching their own gambling site with online poker as the driving force. But where does this force come from? The answer is quite simple. The truth is players like players not computers; they like the feeling of being part of a community.

The successful poker sites fulfill this desire because they allow the player to test their ability and luck against the ability and luck of other players. That is why an online poker site that is fun, exciting and friendly is a multi millions cash machine.

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Slot machines mania

What is the most common image that you can think of when it comes to gambling?
Yes, slot machines. They are highly popular and loved by people that gamble. Everybody has tried at least ten times consecutively to pull the handle or press the button of such a delightful machine.

The online slot machines at online casinos are in all probability the easiest way for most people to play slot machines. It only involves clicking the mouse, in the comfort of your favorite sofa or chair. There is an entire mania when it comes to slot machines. But what makes these colorful and flashing machines so "addictive"? Why are avid slot players who routinely play this game?

Firstly, slot machines began as a way of keeping wives entertained while high rollers hit the table. However, things were going to amaze the casino owners. This game actually brought much more profit per day than all the other games. Nowadays, slot machines are the casino's big hit, bringing up to 2/3's of a casino's income.

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Mentor Gaming Video Poker allows 75 hands simultaneously

A new version of Video Poker by Mentor Gaming was released this week. The Poker version allows the gambler to play 75 hands simultaneously.

Video Poker is usually less intimidating than playing online table games and beginners prefer playing against the computer rather than against experienced poker players. But, whatever the reasons, video poker occupies a prominent place in the online gambling platforms of major online casinos.

Now, Video Poker fans from everywhere have the opportunity to experience a new thrill because with the online Video Poker software from Mentor Gaming it takes just two clicks to play 75 poker hands simultaneously. "Video poker has its fans all over the world and we would like to offer our gamers something unique and exciting" commented Nicole Steele the marketing manager of Mentor Gaming.

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Europe Reveals Its Potential to the Online Gambling Industry

More than 38 million internet users live in Eastern Europe. In the following years, between 10% and 20% (approximately 5 million potential players) are going to visit online casinos and bet on betting sites. Together with local investors market analysts from Mentor Gaming, an international provider of online gambling software, find that it is very likely that a player from Eastern Europe will gamble on the Internet an amount of approximately 70 Euros per month.

Mr. Alon Peled, CEO Mentor Gaming states that, in the next two years, the company intends to put approximately 14 million Euros into the development of this region's online gambling market. "One can hardly call our decision a gamble as the online gambling industry has grown from 3 billion USD in 2001 to 12 billion USD at the end of last year. And it is still expected to grow. By 2010, the industry global revenues may amount to 24 billion USD, and we believe a good part of it will come from Eastern Europe." says Peled.

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Online blackjack net will be developed by Mentor Gaming

Blackjack has over taken roulette and other games to become the most popular online casino game.

From all games, blackjack dominated all of the player numbers with total active player days increasing substantially, as seen also in other leading sites in the world (such as party gaming.

Blackjack is more popular than any other casino game. Its appeal is definitely coming from the fact that it is a game of skill. For sure, it is a game that involves luck, like all casino games; however, blackjack is mainly a strategy game.

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The ROI Mystery: Land Based Casino vs. Online Casino

Author: Ronan Wilson
One of the passions investors have had and will always have is to have their own casino.
From the first gambling houses located in the Far East to the nowadays fancy casinos located in Las Vegas, the capital of casinos, betting has been extremely popular ever since ancient times.

Investors keep dreaming about owning a casino ever since the early days of the industry.
Nevertheless, having their own casino is, for most of them, more than an asset in their portfolio, due to the priceless image attained by having this kind of successful business.
It was only a matter of time for one of the world's oldest and richest ways of entertainment to find its way on the Internet.

The fact that casinos represent a profitable business is not new. However, investment specialists prove that there are serious differences when it comes to the profit gained from a land based casino and that of an online casino.

Although the online casino market is still changing, due to the fact that some countries regulate and encourage it while others outlaw it, this is an industry moving at a fast pace.
The following review compares business factors for both types of casinos - online casino and land based casinos - in order to conclude which one is a better opportunity and which one records a better ROI. As in the case of any business plan, we will analyze and compare all the factors: revenues, startup costs, monthly costs, marketing costs and, of course, incomes.

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What is really happening in the online gambling industry?

A highly successful industry and its biggest market are now in a state of confusion as a result of a law which was passed very recently by the U.S. Congress. "The Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act" prohibits all online gambling financial transaction processing in the U.S. market. However a few gambling games apparently remain legal including horse racing and arcade games (fantasy sport).

Many people from the Internet gambling world predict that following the Congress ban, there will be a regulation of gambling on the Web. The idea is to turn online gambling into a mainstream business built on the model of the extremely successful casino firms. While some of the Operators will have to wait and see (most of the public companies do so, like, Partypoker etc) the others will probably continue there business as usual until the legal framework will stabilize.

A question remains: Is this ban on online gambling affecting the gamblers themselves?
For now the act has made very angry most of the gamblers who argue that this measure is an evasion of privacy and that it is in conflict with basic freedom rights.

Gamblers expect this law to be a step towards a legislation that will protect everyone involved in the industry: the gamblers, the sites, the payment companies and the general public. In USA more than 30 millions people gamble each and every month. Most industry experts predict that most of these people will find a way to continue gambling.

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