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Blackjack has over taken roulette and other games to become the most popular online casino game.

From all games, blackjack dominated all of the player numbers with total active player days increasing substantially, as seen also in other leading sites in the world (such as party gaming.

Blackjack is more popular than any other casino game. Its appeal is definitely coming from the fact that it is a game of skill. For sure, it is a game that involves luck, like all casino games; however, blackjack is mainly a strategy game.

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samlyons23 said...

Online casino blackjack is definitely growing in popularity, mainly due to its simplicity and ease of winning. The simple premise of getting as close to 21 as possible, without going over, attracts a lot of new gamblers; and because most games are relatively short, people can win money within minutes.

Yes, the game is simple and involves luck of the draw, but there is also a considerable degree of skill involved and strategy is key.

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